Yum Apple sauces from Black & Beck Foods Ltd.
Photo credit : Gabrielle Wolfe

Our Story
Rossland is a small town tucked in the Monashee Mountains in southern BC. Sitting at 1023 m (3410 ft) the growing season is short, but a few hardy fruit tree varieties can handle these conditions, namely pears, plums and apples. As a way to use the excess fruit from backyard and abandoned trees, and help reduce human/wildlife conflict, particularly with the black bear, I started picking fruit and cooking sauces in the early 2000’s to feed my young family. I decided to learn canning as a way to harness simple summer flavours for the long winters. After several years of experimenting, and the encouragement from friends and family, my batches from the stove top stock pot made their way to the local farmers’ markets.

YUM™ grew out of picking, cooking and hand milling apples into a puree, as the sauce base. While this was fun for home preserves and markets, it clearly wasn’t a viable method for any long term and scaled up production. Though we are bigger now and source our apples from other parts of BC, we are still handcrafted in small batches. We’ve created simple recipes for a versatile and healthy condiment range. A “go to” ketchup alternative, and a staple in the fridge door. Dip, dress or marinade.

YUM™ sauces are sodium free, naturally sweetened, vegan, and allergen friendly with no nuts, peanuts, corn, oils, MSG or gluten ingredients used. 50% fruit in each bottle.

In buying our unique condiments, you support WildSafeBC. This is important work and we thank you in joining us.

Yum Apple from Black & Beck Foods Ltd.